What is the difference between singlesite apps and multisite apps?

Singlesite apps and multisite apps are both designed to help you enhance your web experience and organize your web tools better. In fact, both types of apps share many similar features and are developed in parallel on the same technologies.

The only major difference is that:

  • Singlesite Apps let you run multiple web apps in different windows like other desktop apps like Microsoft Outlook or Photoshop. Each app will show up on your Dock (macOS) or task bar (Windows) and you can switch between these apps using familiar keyboard shortcuts such as Cmd+Tab (macOS) or Alt+Tab (Windows).
  • Multisite App lets you run multiple web apps in a single window. Each website will show up on each multisite app’s side bar as workspaces. The concept is similar to how apps such as Slack lets you open multiple workspaces in their apps. With this concept, for example, you can open and switch quickly between multiple Gmail accounts, multiple Discord communities, etc.

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